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10 golden rules for writing a medical thesis
11 months ago

The exercise thesis is a French specificity which marks the end of a university course for certain health professionals. We then speak of a thesis in Pharmacy, Medicine, Odontology (dental surgery) and Veterinary Medicine.

This article aims to provide some keys for successful writing of the medical practice thesis, which is both intellectual work and the culmination of research work rich in scientific information. Indeed,edit my paper like a thesis in medicine supposes a scientific work of which one of the objectives relates to the publication of scientific articles. Therefore, it is essential to verify that the research subject has not recently been the subject of a scientific study.

Thus, the medical thesis must reflect the structure and content of a scientific article, in particular the follow-up of an explicit methodology and coherent results for a future publication.

Succeeding in your medical thesis therefore requires:
1. Choose your thesis topic carefully, so you don't end in buy expository essay because lack of knowledge paying attention to the off-topic, to the subject deriving from "medical background noise" and to the false-topic.
Generally, the technique used for the choice of subject is that of CHQ B for: Constat, Hypothèses, Question all "power" b ibliographique .

Necessarily, the subject or research theme must allow discussion and reflective analysis. Therefore, it must be relevant, innovative and realistic.

In addition, not to be imposed, the subject of your thesis should inspire you.

2. The choice of the thesis director:
It is recommended to choose a doctor (general practitioner or not) active in teaching within the framework of the DES.

Indeed, the preparation of the thesis in medicine requires rigor, hence the importance of support and guidance from the thesis director.

3. Become immersed in the subject, that is to say understand and master it
It is recommended to find help writing a paper. That you think about it frequently and write down any ideas that come to mind to help develop the plan.

In addition, preparation for writing the entire medical thesis is fundamental.

The simple and fun technique consists of using pockets of different colors in which you will place your notes, ideas… The part where you will think about inserting your idea will depend on the colors of the pocket that you will use, for example blue for introduction, pink for methodology , yellow for bibliography, orange for discussion ...

4. Writing of the thesis
When writing the thesis, start with illustrations, i.e. tables and figures, not only allows you to schematize the thesis and already have a certain overview but also offers a certain vault of structure, which greatly facilitates consistency and writing of the thesis.

5. Simplify and organize bibliographic searches:
Don't get overwhelmed by referrals and use keywords while filtering searches.

Moreover, it is recommended to carry out the documentary research early enough so that the bibliography is exhaustive, two steps are necessary:

- The actual documentary research which will consist above all in the identification of documents, a kind of listing for the abstracts to be analyzed and the bibliographical references which seem interesting to you.

- Selection, as its name suggests, consists of knowing how to sort in order to cite only the articles read and chosen for their relevance and quality. Indeed, errors or inaccuracies are not tolerable.

6. Prioritize clarity

cohesion and fluidity in writing: it is recommended to describe the results before analyzing them.

7. Write a transition in one or two sentences

Between the parties who will act as a link while demonstrating the capacity for synthesis and analysis.

8. Follow the rules of writing and presentation

Required by the thesis. In addition, it is necessary to respect a certain balance between the different parts and sub-parts of the thesis.

9. Set up a writing schedule

back-up copies and proofread the thesis before finalizing and doing a retro-planning from the planned defense date.

The medical thesis requiring a rigorous scientific writing, the best writing style remains the absence of style ...

Finally, do a debriefing at the end of the first essay that you deem “convincing” of your thesis, answering the following questions in particular:

- Have you answered the problem?

- What are the biases of the work? This makes it possible to carry out a first erratum

- Which authors have done work similar to yours? It is necessary to know how to highlight the difference or the resemblance of the observations, results and conclusion in relation to this.

The strict and rigorous application of these principles will probably help you to pass the thesis test as well as possible.


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